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An Experienced Financial Trader and Life Adventurer

Tore Herbert Hoff

An Experienced Forex Trader, Money Manager and Business Executive.

Tore H. Hoff is an experienced Professional Forex trader. Tore has delivered bespoke Asset Management services and Alternative Investment consultation for more than a decade via his group of companies. Tore specializes in providing services for Professional and Institutional investors, as well as certain segments of Retail Clients. The latter most often via managed account solutions.
Tore H. Hoff has a strong analytical, goal-oriented and winning mentality. His group of companies – Liongate Capital AG – specializes in alternative investment strategies, portfolio management, risk evaluation, capital markets and real estate investments.

Tore H. Hoff has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.  Previous to being a Trading professional Tore spent many years designing and developing payment and transaction systems for some of the major Banks in Scandinavia. In the second phase of his career Tore developed his skills as a Forex trader and combined the best knowledge from the computer science and analytical trading world. The result is a combination of well proven Spot Forex trading strategies and systems performing successfully for almost a decade.

Life experience 100%
Patience and discipline 90%
Problem solving and solutions 85%
Goal oriented 95%

Forex Mentoring - One-to-one Sessions in Learning Forex

Success is not automatically given by trading Forex. Forex trading is hard work where your mindset and discipline is included. Tore Herbert Hoff is a professional trader who also have great experience by working with people. By joining a Forex trading mentoring service you are likely to overcome and remove eventual obstacles you might have struggled with. Clarity in how you should make your entry- and exit market points is also an important topic. You will have the opportunity to make your trading activity be motivating. This will have a major impact on your future. The session will be tailored to your level of trading!

Forex Trading Mentoring Services and Managed Accounts

Build your Forex trading to reach the highest aspirations in your professional life!

Trading Strategies for the Forex Spot Market

There are three things needed to develop a successful trading strategy: Knowledge, discipline and management. In this way, knowledge can be acquired by learning and understanding what is available for everyone. This is especially referred to as the market in itself, namely the technical indicators being used to analyze it. Discipline is more related to your own personal abilities. This is why the first thing you should do is to develop your own trading plan. It should contain your own definition on exactly how you are going to trade. In the next instance you should always stay true to this plan. What is your strategy to enter the market, and when is your exit points etc.? It should all be there. The last thing you need is management. A solid management of your exposure in the Forex spot market and a clear definition of how much risk you are willing to take at all times. In addition, your management should also contain what market conditions you are handling and the definition of such.

Tore H. Hoff has used the above principles in order to define a Forex trading strategy that is highly efficient. As a result, a variety of professional and institutional clients are having satisfactory monthly returns from it. The key to success lays in the three elements above. What you find in connection to the market, and how you analyze it, is only half of the work. The remaining features lays in your own personal abilities.