About Tore Herbert Hoff

Tore Herbert Hoff is an experienced Professional Forex trader. He has delivered bespoke Asset Management services and Alternative Investment consultation for more than a decade via his group of companies. In this way he is a specialist in providing services for Professional and Institutional investors, as well as certain segments of Retail Clients. The latter most often via a managed account solution.

Life experience often comes more easy for those who learn things the hard way. In this way Tore has achieved strong principles for life. Dignity, integrity and loyalty are some of them. To never give up is another. Perhaps his most important ability is to turn negative topics into motivation and even inspiration. This is how Tore Herbert Hoff is a goal oriented, positive minded and analytical individual.

Tore Herbert Hoff

The Professional Resume of Tore Herbert Hoff

Tore Herbert Hoff is a result oriented and analytical individual with high moral and strong personal principles. He performs working tasks in a goal-oriented and analytical manner. Stressful situations are always handled well and he works best under higher level of activity flow. The attitude is to keep a calm headed attitude in all situations.. Is a positive minded person, polite, punctual, sincere and respects his co-workers just as much as his directorship-board. Cooperates excellent in situations both independently and in cooperation with employees or in projects. Puts his pride in seeing challenges rather than problems.

Liongate Securities LLP

Managing Partner – 07/2020 –

Funding and establishing Liongate Securities with the intention of settling a number of fund management services in a reputable European jurisdiction. The intention is also to hit the market with a number of alternative fund setups during 2021. The objective is to serve related investors with high quality returns through diversification and consistent result.

Scandinavian Invest Management Ltd.

Fund Manager – 02/2019 – 07/2020

Fund Manager providing diversified investments into the financial products managed by the company. Managing both underlying, and highly liquid, professional fund structures (including Forex and global stock Indices) to sophisticated investors and institutions. Implementing several of the successful trading strategies as managed accounts routed towards both retail and professional clients. General advisory services for professional investors towards fund-investments, including Forex, Global Stock Indexes, Real Estate and Private Equity.

Scandinavian Invest AG

Chief Investment Officer – 12/2016 – 02/2019

Employed as the Chief Investment Officer with the responsibility to develop and maintain the investment strategies of the company. Functioning as the head of developing, maintaining and distributing the investment products offered to the clients and investors.

Currently the responsible person for the company´s discretionary wealth management trading program which in majority is focused on the Forex market.

Highly focused on creating consistent results and growth for the clients in any type of risk profile and portfolio.

Private Money Manager

Self Employed Forex Trader – 04/2013 – 12/2016

Starting as a Forex self-trader developing the skills and needed experience by trading in the Forex spot-market. Started trading with private funds while catching the attention from private individuals. Rapidly engaged to trade with a growing amount of managed accounts.

Developing trading strategies based on 90% technical- and 10% fundamental analysis. The goal later on became to interpret these strategies into a number of algorithms and develop a trading system that can handle a wider number of conditions in the Forex spot-market. The trading system has been thoroughly tested and the trading- strategies can be stated as proven.

Black Sea Management LLC

Director and Funder

Company established, located in Ukraine/Odessa, in the purpose of providing business consultancy and investment research services in the local Ukrainian market as well as providing business support for western European and American clients with the outlook for business in Ukraine. Participating as an intermediary in several real estate transactions.

Norwegian Institute of Informatics

Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology – 1992 – 1994

Achieving advanced knowledge of computer and information systems combined with building management and analytical skills at a professional level. Achieving programming skills and database understanding (modeling) at a professional level. Deep understanding of mathematical principles. Education combined with business management in leadership roles.

Norwegian Institute of Informatics

Lower Grade – 1988 – 1990

Achieving general knowledge of computer and information systems on an intermediate level. Solid introduction on principles for database modeling and how they serve as the central part of information system. Introduction to mathematical principles on a semi-advanced level. Education also included basic business management skills.

Tore Herbert HoffMilitary Duty -1991 – Served in His Majesty the Kings Guard of Norway

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