Forex Trading Performance | Tactical Forex Trading Strategy in Action

The exposed Forex trading performance is a result of almost a decade of trading-experience in the Forex market. In addition, I will give my personal opinions about the previous week market movements. This is why I wish to share details about how, and why, my Forex trading strategy provides stable and consistent results. Weekly results will be published below, and I will also share tactical actions on how the results will be stabilized on continuously higher levels.

Weekly Forex Trading Performance (%)

Forex trading weekly performance

27.09 – 01.10.2021: Weekly Strategy Performance

Weekly Forex Strategy PerformanceView Strategy Performance 27.09 – 01.10.2021: Weekly Strategy Performance The weekly Forex strategy performance for week 39 has produced a growth of 6,61%. Even if this is marginally lower than the performance growth for week 38, the strategy is way in line for the desired consistency. The trading strategy will continue to demonstrate the proper level of consistency. The reason for this is double-sided. In the first place, consistency is important as...
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The Tactical Implementation of the Forex Strategy

A Forex trading strategy can be implemented in different ways. My approach has been to define an over all goal broken down into different milestones. Therefore, one of the tactics is to make the strategy consistent based on one base currency in the first place. In this way, the trading strategy has achieved such consistency during about 10 weeks of trading already. Following this milestone comes duplication of the present market activity to another base currency. On the top of this, the development will follow international verification methods of the performance. This will include accountant verification and frequent auditing.

The philosophy of trading is based on one important question. What is causing the prices to turn? In this way, the trading strategy is monitoring a variety of market conditions. Thus, supply and demand in the market is the driving force for the price actions I am monitoring. Maintaining consistent returns is a matter of staying with sufficient market orders on daily basis. This is how the concept of “time is money” comes into play. All in all; as the development is on the goals become achievable.

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