Tore H Hoff | Learning from the Past Time
"I have learned how difficult life can be during my time in Prague. I have also learned to solve problems in the best possible way"
Tore H Hoff | Life Experiences from Switzerland
"Life in Geneva has learned me a lot about individuals. Managing people still doesn't mean you can trust in things to take your expected form."
Tore H Hoff | Moving on to New Horizons
"Making a mistake doesn't mean you will make the same mistake again. I choose to let life continue to give me adventures"
Gratitude in trading, Tore Herbert Hoff

The Path to Become a Professional Forex Trader

Tore H Hoff ‘s path to become a professional Forex trader has not been a “free ride”. On the other hand, certain types of life experiences really leads to character and principles. Handled correctly you can always find inspiration by your actions in life. Either positive or negative. In this way, you can make it stand for progress and not defeat. However, life is not only work. On the other hand, Forex trading is often becoming a lifestyle for many traders. The importance must therefore be how you take benefit of your abilities. How you choose to build yourself, not only rich, but also wealthy lifestyle from Forex trading.

Tore H Hoff on Experiences in Life

In any positive situation I try to be grateful. Gratitude is a very important part of my personality. In a challenging situation I always try to consider it from another angle. Different views, from different angles, is always good in any situation. In total, I am becoming stronger, more considerate, more aware and therfore also more happy.

Positive energy is the driving force in my life. I get positive energy from the feeling of wellness and being wealthy. My small family is giving me most of what I need. I also love to distribute what I do in my work and let the audience enjoy it.

My view on solving a problem is that I never have any problems. I just have things to do. I believe most situations can be solved by communication and understanding. It is also usefull to consider any situation from a higher perspective or different angle.

No, but it is always more easy to remember challenges you have been going through. I certianly had my share of negativity, defeats and bad energy. It have learned me how important and precious the pleasures in life really is. In general I am living a wonderful life with my lovely family.

Those who know me will say that I am a very kind and patient person. I am also very goal oriented and I never give up. Others would say that if I am not irritating myself over something on daily basis, I am not myself. This might be true, even thought I am working to change it. I am introvert and do not easilly enter into high level communication. As an aires I am also stubborn and “can take fire under water”.

I appreciate respect and mutual understanding. Often combined into a good conversation. I also appreciate constructive critics and others view on how I can improve myself. A good laughter makes life longer. I am also learning myself to see the positive in any situation.

I never respect nor accept persons who assume things about me. My general belief is that people always have the choice to find out the truth in any situation. Also remember that what I experience in life is the truth for me. We can all choose to listen and understand each others. Everything else has the risk to become a delusional mind.

After years of experience I am ready to build my acquired knowledge into financial products for the professional market. I am currently employed in Liongate Capital AG with the responsibility for bringing my trading strategies to the financial markets.

About Challenges, Character and Principles

I have always learned things the hard way. Even though it is painfull and leads to suffering, it also leads to character and principles. I have learned that failure in Forex trading, and in life has consequences. In this way, any mistake is a situation that need to be fixed. You need to mend it. It is how you fix it that defines who you are. This is how you strengthen both character and your principle sin life.

No, it wasn’t. On the other hand, I have had some rather unpleasant periods in my life. It is my choice to handle such things directly with the persons involved. Others might go ahead and create their own realities. Even if it is not my problem, they have made it my problem to some extent anyway.

Some companies has been liquidated because thay was not needed anymore. One company in Norway was liuidated because I moved further in my life, and to Switzerland. However, the circumstances about the latter was highly misunderstood. The story about Scandinavian Invest AG is however a completely different chapter.

I have learned that I can always be better. Thus, there is always room for improvements. In this way, I believe that earlier mistakes could have been avoided by a more strict business strategy. However, this is how I have been learning. It has been an expensive learning curve, but it has also been worth it.

In my humble opinion, people often react according to their own minds and needs. In this way, I am perfectly aware of who my closest people are. Furhtermore, I am not a great communicator, but communicate very well with those who are in concern. It is easy to create your own narrative when you start assuming something. However, I am here for any direct and honest oppinion.

About Forex Trading, Success and Building Wealth

I started trading Forex by coincidence. I was introduced to the market by someone, almost a decade ago. It was a great inspiration to me. As a computer scientist I like strategical work and therefore started learning the market by myself.

For me, wealth is a matter of several things. I relate wealth to concepts like freedom, wellbeing and balance between body and mind. Money is of course a part of it, but rather a consequence than a way to achieve my goals.

Success is something you can’t achieve. It is coming to you when you deserve it. When working hard for your goals you will ultimately reach it. Then you can enjoy the feeling of being successful.

Based on my acquired knowledge I am creating my lifestyle from Forex trading. Clearly I will continue building a lifestyle where I will reach for success and the feeling of being wealthy. In addition there have been several periods of long term suffering; periods and situations that I have learned from and will never go back to. I have learned from my mistakes and is ready to continue my adventures in life.

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