Building a Forex Trading Strategy
"We see the benefit of what the Forex market can bring us and expect fast profit from starting immediate trading activity!"

There is no fast way to start making profit in the Forex market. Basic market knowledge will give you a good start. Any type of algorithm you can buy online will in best case give you a strategy you don’t know, and also don’t understand. On the other hand, building a Forex trading strategy will give you exactly what you are searching for. Namely, a Forex trading strategy that represents your thoughts and your way of trading. However, at what point in the future does this represent your own successful trading strategy?

Build Knowledge to the Forex Market

In order to “work your magic” in the Forex market it is required to know exactly what you are looking for. On one hand, if you are starting of as a Forex trader right now, you need to give time in order to understand the market. On the other hand, if you already have some experience you need to define the methods that works best for you. Are you prepared to make a failure in Forex trading? It is perhaps against the logics in most mindsets, but on the other hand it is enevitable. Truth is; the way you recover from your mistakes only makes you stronger.

Only during your own trading experiences you will both understand and define the methods that works for you. Therefore, enter the Forex market with openness, and you will achieve a definition that is as clear as possible. In most cases it starts with a combination of events. For example, it can be either technical or fundamental events. This combination together with spesific market events will form the beginning of your own trading strategy.

Scandinavian Invest AG Tore Herbert Hoff

Tore Herbert Hoff has been developing trading strategies for more than a decade. The strategies has been successful in the Forex market for almost a decade. However, the path for becomming a successful trader has not been direct. Definitely the principle of “failing makes you stronger” has made a major impact on several occasions. At this point, Tore is working as a Chief Investment Officer in Liongate Capital AG. Here, he is responsible for building up a subset of financial services that will be offered to the general public. Via his mentoring services, Tore is offering lessons in Forex trading and strategy building.

Implement Discipline in your Forex Trading Strategy

Once you have a clear view on market knowledge and applied functionality it is time to put it all together. This should be the point where you start defining the strategy in itself. It should be the outmost clear definition of selected market events combined with your definition of applied functionality. Simply put; what is going to happen when spesific market events occur? It must be a mirror of why and how you think your actions in the market will be profitable.

The path to success can be cumbersome. On the other hand, success is not something you can work to achieve. On your path for abundance you are likely to meet everything from frustration, irritation and even anger. Failure is going to happen, and you are going to overcome it all. Do you have the passion for it all? Perhaps you already have the feeling of wellness and abundance “implemented”? If so, success is imminent to happen for you as well.

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