The Covid-19 Forex Trading Impact
The Covid-19 Forex trading impact might have given some consequences out of the ordinary. However, has it also made you aware of challenges in your trading strategy?

Seen from a positive side, the Covid-19 Forex trading impact have certainly provided traders with new wisdom. However, what has happened in the Forex market itself? We have certainly seen increased volatility on spesific instances. Fundamental events connected to Covid-19 has driven the market somehow. Other than this it is, in best case, to early to say what has changed, or how it has changed, for the Forex market in itself. However, how has Covid-19 affected you as a trader?

I feel grateful to be a Forex trader. Since early 2020 I have seen my Forex trading strategy giving great performance. This stands in great contrast to all the downturns, tragedies and disasters the world has seen during the global pandemia. Therefore, I am both lucky and happy to have my business. Whatever has been said about the Forex market as such, it has been moving nevertheless. The question is rather how potential change sin the market affects your trading strategy?

Thus, the details of changes in the Forex market is perhaps not important in this context. It is not where this discussion belongs. We should instead have used this period to learn to appreciate and protect what we have. In a world that has been significantly more isolated, the goals and potential achievements might turn out to be different than before. Does potential changes in the Forex market affect your trading strategy? Perhaps not, but does it affect your aspirations and goals as a trader? It is perhaps more likely.

Tore Herbert Hoff

Tore Herbert Hoff is a professional Forex trader and business executive. He has used a significant part of his life to develop financial trading strategies for the professional market. His strategies has a proven history of consistent performance.

As the CIO of Liongate Capital AG the strategies will be implemented and launched as professional products to the market.

Did Covid-19 Give a Review of Your Forex Trading Aspirations?

It will remain unclear if the Forex market has undergone significant changes, or if it will in the future. On the other hand, isolation has been a growing factor around the world. Some may have high hopes of coming back to “normal” after Covid-19. However, it seems more likely that the “new normal” should be more in focus. Still we don’t know exactly what that implies.

Thus, the world is becoming more uncertain, unclear and isolated. In a situation where “the new normal” remains more or less unknown, how does it affect you as a Forex trader? If you are a trader in a financial institution, you may be affected in the same way as most other companies. However, if you are an independent trader, your focus might go in exactly that direction. Namely, being more independent! In addition, is your aspiration to build Forex trading wealth? Then your focus might have changed dramatically.

Protect what you have is a general rule in Forex trading. It is more valid during these times than anytime before. As a trader you simply want to keep up with your results. In addition, you desire to do so in the same fashin as you have ever done. Thus, the consequence of the pandemia is quite clear. Stay focused on yourself and keep your discipline.

“In a world where others are focusing more on their own survival, keep believing in your own abilities. Do not expect significant help and focus only on your own goals and aspirations.”

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