The Delusional Mind for Money
The delusional mind for money - How a disrupted narrative for money can create havoc and conflict with reality.

A delusional mind for money is often caused by to high expectations. In terms of Forex trading we have seen to many personalities growing into a delusional state of mind. Thus, by growing high expectations it can also easily be  disrupting your narrative for money. Keep it clear and ask yourself; What reasons do you have to invest? Furthermore; what expectations do you grow in order to place your funds with a professional money manager? One of the key factors for choosing a money manager is in fact clarity in terms and definition for investing.

Unfortunately, a high performance in Forex trading is too often growing into a delusional mindsets. The reasons can be several. However, most of the reasons starts with wrong expectations. There might be general expectations about a performance. If you are new to the financial markets, be responsible and ask the money manager for a clarification. The money manager is in turn responsible for giving a clear answer. In my case, I am always informing about the performance of the strategy. But, there are never any guarantees in the investment world, and investing is not like an ATM with unlimited size of withdrawals.

The Hidden Delusional Mind

On the other hand some people are growing a delusional mind without sharing it with others. Related to Forex trading, these situations often occur when there is a need for something (ref: Money), material needs or any other sudden expectations of fast growing wealth. Studies of psychosis shows that these are problems more common than one should think. It is also the most dangerous. Connected to the right relationship it can simply drag all energy out of any related persons. A learned lesson should be to never invest in terms of achieving other goods. Another learned lesson is to never use your investment to achieve debt. In fact, you never have any redemption on your investment until it is safely deposited to your bank account.

Tore Herbert Hoff

Tore Herbert Hoff is a professional Forex trader, mentor and money manager. He has been active in the financial markets for almost a decade. A part of the experience has been to observe other peoples expectations for money. In this way it has been challenging to develop high performing trading strategies. However, it is also a matter of attracting the eligible type of investor. It is always challenging to explain a high performing trading strategy to people. On one hand it gets better when it is supported with audited trading results. However, on the other hand, certain individuals have a responsibility to understand what they are bringing their assets into.

In the end of the road, everyone is responsible for their own expectations. The money manager is solely responsible for the performance and to explain it properly to the general public.

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