My Experience in Forex Trading
Learning to understand the Forex market is not the only experience in Forex trading you need. Forex trading is also about finding your style, philosophy, mentality and trading strategy.

My Experience in Forex Trading | Becoming a Professional Trader

Is experience in the financial markets everything you need to have experience in Forex trading? How much does your financial knowledge count by developing yourself as a Forex trader? It is already discussed that knowledge in the Forex market is of essence, but it is not more than half of what you need in order to succeed. Discipline is needed to create profit in the market. Keeping your emotions out is also a key feature. With mental abilities like this you can start defining your own trading strategy. So, where, or how, do you learn about discipline and to control your own emotions?

Master your Discipline and Emotions in Forex Trading

As for myself, personal motivation comes from rejection in life. The result has often been new doors opening instead. It has shown me what I really want to do instead. In the end a “must do” is essentially above a “should do”. The result is the discipline you achieve to do that task. Your self-mastery lays in the road you develop and the path you, and only you, is walking. All types of rejections will occur while walking that path, but the difference lays in your ability to accept them. A vice person once said “Even if you don´t like rain, you need to keep it raining”.

You need to accept that some part of your Forex trading strategy is eventually not very well functioning. Once you accept it, you can change it into something better. That “something better” might very well be that part who brings full success and profitability into your Forex trading.

From Mastery of Discipline to a Consistent Forex Strategy

Once you learn to implement your discipline when building your trading strategy, the path to success will be shorter. Correct mistakes, improve not functioning part and most important; do it in a way that those issue never occur again. Then, a complete mastery of discipline will lead to consistence in your Forex trading. When you have consistence in your Forex strategy you will be able to set goals for where you want with your trading. Therefore, add patience and the ability to your skills and you will reach there. Some people might use years. Others it might be faster. As for me; I have not reached my big goal yet, but at least I have very good experience on how to build the path.

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