Monthly Mentoring Program



15 Hours Monthly Forex Mentoring

Make your own Forex trading strategy a success! The Forex mentoring sessions will be tailored to your current level of trading. Therefore, if you are a beginner or advanced trader, the sessions are available for everyone. It will typically include:

  • Insight in the movement of the price and how it can be determined for your trading strategy.
  • Essential points to consider when defining an entry- or exit point.
  • Facilitating the above to create, or further develop, your trading plan and strategy.
  • Risk and money management.
  • Use your mindset to be a more efficient trader.

The sessions will also give you clarity on what your future aspirations are and how you foresee any future goals defined in a new lifestyle.


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Forex trading strategy

“I can´t guarantee you that my Forex mentoring sessions will give you immediate success. However, it contains a nice collections of market tools as well as perspectives on using risk and money management. Used correctly you will be able to move towards your goals.”

Tore Herbert Hoff is a professional trader with solid trading performance achieved for his market activity. In addition, he is currently building up Liongate Capital AG that will enter new products to the market based on his trading strategies.

All sessions are performed with the basis of MT4 as a trading platform. All necessary material and software will be provided to you via our cooperating broker.

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