Forex Managed Account
The best benefit of investing with a Forex managed account is control of your assets and the possibility to follow a proven trading strategy

Forex Managed Account Investing

A Forex managed account can be a very beneficial way of investing into the Forex market. Investors with the desire to invest in the Forex market might find various investment funds and other types of accounts available. In addition, some investors choose to open an account directly with a broker. However, the latter implies an individually developed trading strategy. The aspect of time is also important for professional investors. A managed account can solve several of these questions. If you are looking for maximum control of your assets, including deposits and withdrawals, this might be the option for you. In addition you will have the opportunity to follow a well proven, and profitable, forex trading strategy.

Investing in a Proven Forex Trading Strategy

Investing in a Forex managed acocunt gives you several benefits. First of all, you open your trading account with a reputable broker. In this way you are controlling your investment. It is your choice entirely when you desire to deposit and withdraw your assets. Secondly, you have the opportunity to follow the strategy of a professional money manager. The result is a relationship where a regulated broker is segregating your investment while a trader is creating the best possible result.

A Forex managed acocunt investment is typically combined with both a performance- and management fee. The performance is visible immediately after the close of each market order. In addition, the broker will provide you with a daily statement of your investment. While the broker is taking care of the administration of your investment, the money manager will continue creating the best results o your behalf.

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With his background as a computer scientist, Tore is combining his general knowledge in the markets with a set of strategies implemeted as algorithms.