Creating a Lifestyle from Forex Trading
Do you have a dream to create a Forex trading lifestyle? Then there is more to it than only romantic thinking. Any dream without applied consistency remains what it is. Only a dream!

There are many stories to be read on internet about traders with a desire to create a Forex trading lifestyle. However, what does that mean to you? Likewise, there is just as many stories of traders with a luxury life, fast cars and state of the art living. Connected to real life and a down to earth way of thinking, it sounds more and more like a cliche. If it works for them, then very good. However, this is more like an area where your dream matters and what you decide to do with it.

Why do you trade Forex? What is your aspiration? Is Forex trading your hobby, or are you planning to make it your living? In any case, this is the point where any romantic thoughts should end. Instead, this is where a strong mind in Forex trading meets the cycle of discipline in trading. The major advise is therefore the following: If you have a dream, be consistent to follow it through. No matter what an upgraded lifestyle means to you, your thoughts and ideas will remain the same unless you apply consistency to it. Combine your acquired market knowledge and use it with discipline. Let your consistency attract the success you deserve.

Romantic Luxury Forex Lifestyle Thinking or Building Your Wealth?

If you are caught up in any romantic luxury Forex lifestyle only, you are likely to fail. On the other hand, no matter what you are dreaming of, you can get there if you want. However, dreams are only just dreams unless you add consistency. Thus, Forex trading is hard work! Regardless of what you want to achieve, applying your will and discipline will get you there. The only thing you need is clarity on the needed actions.

What does wealth mean to you? For me, the word wealth is connected with freedom. It starts with the feeling of having a successful day where trades are closed according to my goals. It moves on to sphere of knowing that success is imminent. I believe it starts with a feeling. Then you start to develop a successful way of thinking. Like a positive spiral of thinking, instead of negative, where you know that success is coming to you.

Tore Herbert Hoff is a professional Forex trader and mentor. He has founded Liongate Capital AG to implement his trading strategies and business ideas into a subset of financial products and services. Tore Herbert Hoff is currently the Chief Investment Officer of Liongate Capital AG.

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My Building of Wealth as a Forex Trader

Building wealth is my major purpose as a professional trader. However, for me, wealth is not directly about money. Money is rather a result of what I am building. My goal is to reach a point in time where wealth has given me freedom. First of all freedom from most “worries” can imply for everyone in everyday life. Therein after, I believe that achieving wealth will bring success with it. On the top of this, success will be the redemption for all the hard work and effort I put down in the work that I love. Then I will continue with “only” the love and passion for what I am doing.

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