Managed Forex Accounts
Investing in managed Forex accounts gives you the benefit of controlling your own assets and taking benefit from a proven trading strategy.

Invest in Forex Managed Accounts

Forex managed accounts is a trading account established under your own name. This means you are in control of your own assets and investment. Furthermore, you will give a mandate to a professional trader who will trade and create results on your assets. As a result you will harvest from a Forex trading strategy that will bring you the very best results. The trading strategies are developed over a decade of working in the financial markets. The know-how of creating the very best results for you as a client is therefore of the highest essence.

Forex trading strategy

Benefit from Proven Forex Trading Strategies

Tore Herbert Hoff is a professional Forex trader and money manager. During a decade of trading in the financial markets he has proven the performance of the trading strategies. The forex trading strategies is currently driving results and performance to client accounts. Everything provided via mandate to trade and perform market activity.

The Forex trading strategies are based on a simple philosophy. Namely, what is causing the market-prices to change. For this reason the strategies are highly based on “price actions” and momentum in the market. Bith automatic and semi-automatic functionality is in place in order to monitor a wider selection of currency pairs. The reason is to always find the most suitable market conditions for the trading strategy.

Forex Managed Accounts Provided by Scandinavian Invest Management Ltd.

While the Forex trading strategies are developed by Tore Herbert Hoff, the managed accounts are opened and maintained by Key To Markets Ltd, a FCA regulated UK broker. For this reason, follow these steps to start opening your managed account:

  1. Register with Key To Markets Ltd. to have your trading account opened. The broker will take care of your onboarding and compliance questions.
  2. Fill in the form to the right and let us know your intention to open your account.
  3. Once your trading account is opened and funded we wil lbe happy to send you the proposal and procedure to invest.

Do you prefere assistance in the to open your managed account? Do you want to receive more information before you start? Fill in the form and you will be contacted for further communication and dialogue.

More Information about Forex Managed Accounts

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