Introduction to Mentoring and Consultancy Services
Do you want to start learning but are unsure where or how to begin?

A Forex mentoring introduction will give you  maximum clarity on your future path to master Forex trading. Are you unsure on how to continue, the short session will give you an honest review of your expectations. As a result, you will be one step further in defining your success. The consequnce is therefore only positive with your own style of trading in focus.

Forex Mentoring Introduction and Consultancy Services


A 45 minutes introduction video session for the mentoring sessions.


A Forex Mentoring Introduction will help you decide the options that is best suited for you.

Are you interested in learning but are unsure about the options that are best suited for you? Do you want to tailor a mentoring solution that suits your needs and visions alone? A Forex mentoring introduction will assist you to understand the nature of the mentoring sessions. Therefore it will also give you the grounds to make the correct decission for any further steps.

The session will result in a proposed plan, including a time schedule and tailored progress, for the potential sessions ahead.


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“I can´t guarantee you that my Forex mentoring sessions will give you immediate success. However, it contains a nice collections of market tools as well as perspectives on using risk and money management. Used correctly you will be able to move towards your goals.”

Tore Herbert Hoff is a professional trader with solid trading performance achieved for his market activity. In addition, he is currently building up Liongate Capital AG that will enter new products to the market based on his trading strategies.

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