Practice Gratitude in Trading
To practice gratitude in trading is likely to condition your mind for the better. You are also likely to accept your mistakes rather sooner than later and have a faster way for success.

The global situation has thought the world a lesson for the last year. The Covid-19 impact has opened the eyes of many Forex traders. It is still uncertain what it has led to and how we will have to deal with it. However, the most important lesson we should have learned is to practice gratitude in trading. Actually, a global pandemia shouldn’t have been needed at all in order to open our eyes from the beginning. Exercising gratitude and thankfullness is there to provide a faster way to success. It is all depends on how you condition your mind. Implementing some additional tacktics is therefore likely to halp you handle problems and situations better. It will lead you to a faster sense of success.

As Forex traders we are constantly reaching for a place beyond our abilities. Still we often struggle to overcome situations that exists here and now. It is a common feature to dwell in the present and dive down in the problem at hand. Instead you should implement your mind at the place you want to be. Namely, a given time in the future where success is imminent and you can enjoy every sense of it. Because, if you can do so, then you will soon realize that the situation, or problem, you are in right now is only small details compared to where you are heading. In fact, you will soon start feeling thankfull for what you are going through right now. It only shows you a better path to your destination.

Using Gratitude as a Tool for Success

Gratitude in trading, Tore Herbert Hoff

Tore Herbert Hoff has gained his experience not only from trading in the Forex market. Learning from individuals around has been an equal part of the “education”. Observing, accepting and taking defeat as inspiration has been a driving force towards success.

A very wise person once told me; you must surround yourself with people who wish the best for you. Today, I am thankfull to all those people who proved themself in their wrongdoings, the dissapointments and downturns. They have all contributed to expose my propper path ahead. Thank you!

Tore Herbert Hoff

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