Long Term Suffering is a Gift
A few times in my life i have been through periods of long term suffering. Afterwards I can only say it has been a gift to me.

I have been through some pretty though periods of long term suffering in my life. The general lesson learned is that hard times in life always give some sort of reward in the end. Therefore I have choosen to stand by my post, believe in what is right and see those periods through. Life has learned me that I always have a choice. In this sense, standing up to what I feel has been unfair only creates more principles and character. However, my life is not only about having a strong character. In my opinion, I like to blend it with an equal amount of gratitude and humility.

The Effect of Long Term Suffering

In my own education as a Forex trader I lost almost everything several times. As a result I learned how to implement discipline in my Forex trading strategy. In the wake of these events I am currently left with nothing but gratitude. On one hand I have learned the effect of not doing such mistakes again. On the other hand I have learned to appreciate what I have. Nothing in life comes for granted. Especially, after a period with global pandemia, it is not even for granted that we can provide ourselves with food from the supermarket.

Therefore, all mistakes made in life has a value. My oppinoin is therefore; grab that value and rise from it. Life is not without failure. However, I made my choice to learn from fear and defeat rather than letting those concepts drag me down. In my humble oppinion, that in itself is a learning curve for life. The result is that I have learned to take downturns in life and defeat as an inspiration. I have made it to a point to understand how I can do things better.

Likewise, and especially during my last 5 years in business, I have surrounded myself with people who simply don’t have the best intentions. Let it be said that I am by no means perfect as a human being. However, I am a great fan of constructive feedbacks. As a result, I believe constructive critics is a good feature for people to grow in general.

2021 is the Year of the Lion

Tore Herbert Hoff has currently been employed by Liongate Capital AG in Switzerland as the Chief Investment Officer. From this position he is responsible for bringing the trading strategies further. Tore H Hoff has used a decade to develope a set of high performing trading strategies. These are strategies that again is based on life-long experiences implemented as discipline in trading. From Liongate Capital AG persepctive these investment strategies will be implemented as financial products to the professional market.

Turning Long Term Suffering into Inspiration and Gratitude

Some people might say that I have been to naive in my life. However, all my life I never stopped believing in the good in people. However, as it has came to a top at certain stages in life, time is in to see how I can better take benefit of such situations. All I know is that gratefullness will bring me forward. Therefore; to all individuals bringing manipulation and jealosy to my doorstep – Thank you! Also, to family who wasn’t there when I was under scrutiny. I am grateful to you! You have all showed me my path ahead. I embrace you and give you all my love. The last thing I will know is namely; I will deserve all aspects of success coming to me.

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