During the latest years I have learned to move my energy forward based on my experiences. Even through negative situations and similar episodes in Forex trading I have learned to turn the outcome into positive energy. One of the results has been the development of an organization where empowering the market with financial products is the focus.

Liongate Capital AG is a Swiss private investment and holding company. It is established and founded to hold assets in form of its subsidiaries. Hench, the underlying assets has all the opportunities for stability and consistency during its complete lifetime. For this reason, a Swiss holding company is not only convenient for its owners. It is most of all designated to maintain and develop its subsidiaries. In this way, the underlying assets of Liongate Capital AG will represent different ways of bringing new financial products to the market.

The last decades of development in the financial services industry might indicate little to none innovative movements. In this way, the time is definitely in to provide a different approach through changes. Thus, I am very proud to be in front of an enterprise that will provide both alternative fund management, asset management and financial strategy development.

Empowered Financial Products and their Market Entry

Do we achieve what we want in our industry? What is the answer from a typical money manager in his current situation? If the answer is yes, then what happened to our ambitions? If the driving force is still hunger for success, then all good. However, it is already quite evident that the lack of new thinking in the industry has led many managers into the course of mediocrity.

Liongate Capital AG is a result-driven organization. In this way, the company has an income stream provided that the subsidiaries has a good business income. On the other hand, the company will maintain its subsidiaries based on the over-all economic situation. This is why it makes it even more exciting to bring excellent products to the market.

The focus relies on results. Results can be best achieved via a solid and consistent trading strategy. This is the reason why development of trading strategies is a part of the fundament. Furthermore, knowledge and education is also essential key factors. Internal consistency in terms of economical ground is essential. When it is all backed up by state of the art support, we believe success is imminent.

Financial products

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Liongate Capital AG is a Swiss private investment and holding company. Creating value from its holdings and subsidiaries

Histoical Result and Performance

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