Do you really need a Forex mentor? The question is highly adequate. However, if you have a performance outnumbering your own goals with a great margin, then the answer is probably no. If you have created an improved lifestyle from your trading, then the answer is probably also no. However, if you are searching for a way to improve your own trading, then a it can be a good idea to learn from people with greater experience.

Tore Herbert Hoff is a professional Forex trader. With his origin as a computer scientist he has taken the best from two worlds. From this point he has created well performing trading strategies with the assistance from algorithmic trading. His work has spanned over the last decade.

The best lessons in life are those who are learned the hard way. However, the hard way of learning is definitely not recommended for everyone. On the other hand it might be useful to implement “how it feels” from a person who has the best experience from both the positive and negative side. In this way, Forex mentoring is certainly about market indicators and how a trading signal appears. However, it is also about your ability to enter and exit an order. Tore Herbert Hoff will lead you through it all and help you connecting the dots.

Your Monthly Forex Mentor Session

By joining the Forex mentoring plan of Tore Herbert Hoff, you might be closer to success than you think.

Your Session with a Forex Mentor

Tore Herbert Hoff has years of experience as a professional trader. Furthermore, he is also the founder of Liongate Capital AG who will bring his trading strategies onto the professional market. In addition to being self-educated in the market he has also great experience in interaction with people. In this way, Tore has learned to determine the needs and requirements of people. A monthly session with will definitely give you some challenges, but in a motivating and inspiring way.

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