Creating Alternatives to Standard Financial Trading Products

By experience over time, I have not only achieved knowledge about the financial markets in general. I have also achieved sufficient knowledge about expectations from the receivers of financial services. Especially during the last years of global panedemic circumstances. Thus, the expectations among the audience might have changed dramtically. Therefore, time is highly in to launch solid alternatives to standard financial trading products to the market.

Having achieved certain experiences from the past might be one thing. However, most important is how aquired knowledge is used for constructive matters in the future. The financial products launche dmust be appreciated among the targeted audience. Thus, it goes hand in hand with achieved results and performance history. Thereafter connecting the dots trough the very best client service and setup in a decent jurisdiction. On top of it; a reputable regulatory framwork gives the scent of “state of the art”.

Launching Alternative Financial Trading Products

I consider myself to have more than enough experience with both people, financial trading and business in general. Experiences have even been hard from time to time. However, good practice is needed to move on with my achievements. For this reason, Liongate Capital AG has been founded as a Swiss holding company. The purpose of the company is to develop and maintain a number of subsidiary entities. In this way, each entity will have its own niche in launching alternative investment solutions. A Swiss holding company is not only beneficial for the owners in otself. It also creates stability and consistency against potential downturns in the future.

Alternative investment solutions typically consist of hedge funds, investments into real estate and private equity. Clearly my Forex strategy shall be implemented into a format for professional investors. I am also examining the possibility to convert the strategy into other financial products. Alternatives to invest into upper class residential real estate and private equity is developed as lower risk alternatives. This is how a complete portfolio can already be built on the products. It is therefore central in this picture that I will enter back on the Swiss real asset management scene in 2021.

Scandinavian Invest AG Tore Herbert Hoff

I have used almost a decade of my life developing trading strategies for the professional market. In addition, I have worked sufficient with people to know how, and why, a new financial product should be launched.

Tore Herbert Hoff

Entering Back to the Financial Trading Products Scene

Life experience can really put your life on a test sometimes. Thus, a major part of my personal experience in the business world is connected to Scandinavian Invest AG. It only shows that my too naive attitude in business (as of 2018) is not working very well. Combining that with a combination of not adequate persons have only made me think; how can I do it better? In this way, hard experiences has led to positive personal development. I am therefore proud to say I am here with new energy today. I have a lot to provide to the scene of financial products. However, I refuse to enter into it as standard financial trading products. It has to be different and it has the be the alternative way.

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