Moving from the Past through the Lions Gate!
2021 is the year of the lion! Moving through the lions gate indicates changes. But, changes form what and what does it mean to move through the gate of the lion?

Past time experiences should never be indicative for future aspirations. This is why most past time experiences fills me with gratitude. It has formed me and made me the person I am today. In this way, walking through the lions gate sounds, and is, more like a metaphor. A definition of whom I have become and what capabilities I feel lay in me for the future is the reality. It has also defined my character and principles that I believe is correct for both life and business. The question remains; where would I be without any of the experiences from the past? Additionally, and perhaps even more important, how does one get releaved from any “luggage” you don’t need to carry any longer?

Being Formed by Past Time Experiences

I do not like to dwell in the past. However, I simply like to state the fact that the past time experiences has formed me like the person I am today. In this regard, I am also confident to state that my experiences in life easilly overrules any common layman. For this reason in itself I am both happy and lucky to be who I am today.

Thos who know me well would say I am to kind, and perhaps also naive, to run any businesses at all. Even if certain people wouldn’t believe so, I have always cared the most for those around me. Thus, the past has learned me the balance in business. If I am not in balance myself, I can also not provide for any others.

I am educated as a computer scientist. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in computer technology. To some extent in my career I started looking into how the computers could “assist” the work in Forex trading. I combined the best of my analytical abilities with my programming skills in order to create high performing trading systems. For those who didn’t believe; I didn’t receive any questions nor requests for explanations. Not even since Scandianvian Invest AG was liquidated, there was any questions routed directly to me.

How The Individual Mind is Forming its Narrative for Money

Instead I was fronted by immense scrutiny from the press in Norway. “Tore Herbert Hoff disappeared with millions of dollars”, they say. Is that really so? In the aftermath it appears to be nothing but a blackmailing campaign against me. The point is, any direct questions will still be answered directly. I like to take discussions directly with whom it concerns. Other than this, if the word was correct, I wouldn’t really be here with all my contact details visible and even writing my story on my own website.

Furthermore, creating expectations can be dangerous. I am a positive person. However, I still like to keep my hands on any present facts. On the other hand; individuals starting to create their own narrative for money can end up really upgly. Any form of greed combined with jealousy does not go well in the world of investing. It also don’t belong any longer in my world and among the people I choose to surround myself with.

I am grateful for all my past time experiences. I had the pleasure to work with some very fine persons. However, for those who actively turned the “wrong side” twards me – Thank you! If it wasn’t for those persons I wouldn’t see the correct way ahead so easilly. Now, the correct path is right in front of me. Moving myself through the lions gate means nothing else but bringing Liongate Capital AG to the market. This is the place where respect is present. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, this is the place where al lexpectations are on the correct level.

The path continues with Liongate Capital AG. The vision is to become a strong provider based in the Swiss market delivering financial services and products to the professional market.

year of the lion

The lion already appeared at the offices of Scandianvian Invest AG in Geneva back in 2017. Since then, the past time experiences has made me understand the importance of moving through the lions gate in 2021.

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